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Sadly, many people, full of well-intentioned, bring a puppy into your home, not realizing until the end of the responsibilities that take on - the need to meet the immediate needs of a living creature, that family pet lived a full life.

Little puppy - is like a newborn baby: It requires care and attention, especially in the first months of life for proper growth it requires an appropriate diet and exercise right, i.e., walking and exercise.

Novice breeders need qualified advice on the acquisition, breeding and rearing a puppy. The purpose of this brochure - to give the main store of information and advice necessary in this case.

We will not list and describe the various breeds of dogs, their character, temperament, working abilities. We will assume that you have decided Whether you want a small dog or a huge dog, who better to take root in the apartment - a dwarf or a Pekinese Pomeranian, you prefer smooth or longhaired breed, or will it be purebred, but the whole family's favorite pet.

Breed puppies need to acquire the relevant clubs and societies have experienced breeders that can competently assist you at first, growing puppy particular breed.

It is important to determine the sex of the future dog. Females usually docile dogs, more amenable to training. In addition, the obsession with females of the opposite sex is only limited periods of estrus (twice a year) in contrast to males, who are always concerned about this issue. However, many people prefer male company and get great joy from his more active attitude to life, putting up with their pugnacity and independence, knowing that these properties can be minimized by educating. They appreciate a dog a constant readiness to work, which is especially important when using the service and hunting dogs.